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An applicant may need a guarantor when

  • You have not been working in continuous full-time employment for at least 6 months for your current or previous employer.
    NOTE: Continuous means: without a break of more than 14 days during the previous 6 month period. Full-time means: A minimum of 37 hours per week.
  • You cannot be located on the Electoral Roll at the address(es) given and are unable to provide proof of residency.
  • Your rental commitment is more than 40% of your annual gross income.
  • You have recently arrived from overseas to take up new employment. Each case will be treated individually and contracts of employment and a copy of your passport will be required.
  • You have an adverse credit history which has been declared on the application form and is acceptable to the Landlord.

If a guarantor is required they must:

  • Be a resident in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or Isle of Man
    NOTE: Guarantors residing in the Channel Islands, Eire or elsewhere in the World are not acceptable.
  • Have a clean credit history - subject to appeal where documentary proof can be provided.
  • Be able to demonstrate their ability to cover the rent should the tenant fail to meet their commitment. This will be the full commitment as agreed under the AST.


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