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Making an Offer

When you decide you would like to buy a particular property you do not have to offer the price being asked for it by the owners. A property is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. You can offer less if, for example, you think there are repairs to be done which will cost money, that the property is over valued or that you think there is a possibility of doing a deal.

If the owners do not accept the first offer put to them by you, you can decide to make an increased offer. There is no limit on the number of times you can make offers on a property and the estate agents selling the property on behalf of the vendors are legally obliged to put through all offers made to them. If you make an offer it will always be made subject to contract and is not legally binding until exchange. This means that you will not be committed to the purchase before finding out more about the state of the property.

When your offer has been accepted

When your offer for the property has been accepted you will have to consider the following:-

  • whether a holding deposit is payable
  • arranging a mortgage
  • whether a survey is necessary
  • who will do the necessary legal work

We will assist you on all these points.

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