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Inventories, Insurances & Utilities


Ensure that you have an inventory prepared which lists the contents of the property and also describes the condition of both the property and its contents. The landlord will pay for the inventory when you first move in which we, as the Landlords agent, will normally organise.


The landlord is normally responsible for insuring the property and its furnishings.

It is recommended that you ensure that your possessions in the rental property are fully insured and it is important that you make it clear to the insurance company that the insurance you require is for a rental property.

Utilities & Council Tax

In addition to your rent you will almost certainly be required to pay electricity, gas, water charges, telephone, television license, and any charges for satellite or cable television, if available. All this will be clearly set out in the tenancy agreement.

Council Tax at the rate applicable to your circumstances will also be payable.


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